EXPERIENCES | London Private Office
We craft experiences that are tailored to your wants and needs. Our luxury specialist have far-reaching access across retail, hotels, fine dining and cultural offerings. Such unique access into luxury networks allows us to facilitate experiences ranging from of English private country estates to signature perfumes made to your personal taste. London Private Office offers a range of experiences accessing the best of Britishness, and develop bespoke experiences upon request.


Meet celebrated portrait artist Ralph Heimans who will provide a consultation 
for the guest to sit during their London visit.
Sit for celebrated artist Ralph Heimans whose works hang in the Royal Collection (Queen Elizabeth). 
This collaborative process will imbue his portraits with content that is 
personal and meaningful to the sitter; a truly Royal experience.


Exclusive access to London's secret spa network where pampering is the priority - come away feeling rejuvenated.
Spend the day at London's best spas.

Victoria Beckham and Estée Lauder have also collaborated to offer an exclusive cosmetic experience, including crafting the perfect combination for your skin tone.


A tour of London's contemporary fashion-scape; exclusive access to personal shopping at illustrious British fashion houses.
Shopping with a bespoke touch: enjoy personal shopping at the iconic Beaumonde Fashion House, Burberry.
For those with a taste for the contemporary enjoy unparalleled access to up and coming brands throughout Carnaby Street and Seven Dials


A look through the key-hole into the "day to day" life of the British aristocracy; rub shoulders with Lords and Ladies of the Realm.
Weekend at Bridwell in Devon Bridwell - the longstanding residence of the esteemed Mountbatten family. Lessons that feature "English etiquette" explained and taught by Lady Penny Mountbatten.


A rare opportunity to experience the finest luxury London has to offer, bespoke touches include personal shopping, tailoring, and fine dining.
Indulge in a full olfactory experience at Floris and craft your very own signature scent.
Before indulging in this unique experience meet a member of the Floris family dynasty and discuss the business history over a glass of champagne.