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Interview with William Bruce

William Bruce is delivering the Strings & Piano UK International Summer School this year and has gathered a fabulous array of exquisite teachers to join him on the journey. As well as being a fantastic teacher, William's career includes an impressive list of achievements, performances, publications, visiting professorships and a seat in the orchestra of the English National Opera.



2017年是中英建立大使级外交关系45周年,也是中英关系“黄金时代”深入发展之年。年末,中英高级别人文交流机制第五次会议的顺利召开,为2017年划下了圆满的句号。中英双方一致确认在更大范围、更高水平、更深层次推动中英互利合作,共同打造中英关系“黄金时代”的升级版。新年伊始,在英国首相特蕾莎.梅应国务院总理李克强邀请首次访问中国前夕,中国银行(英国)有限公司、伦敦私人办公室LPO和英国寄宿学校协会联合举办了“中银私享荟-- 英伦教育行”之第二届英国顶尖私立学校校长论坛。



Why some students don't respond well to the Chinese style of learning?

Some people think that the Chinese is educational system is a great ‘one-size fits all’ approach, an education system where all children have the ingredients to thrive. However the flaws are related specifically to the fact that the system is designed with failure in mind. In order for some children to succeed; others must fail. And many children who stay up all night revising for exams just don’t have what it takes to score highly in exams.


Reasons to send your child to a British boarding school

Choosing to send your child to a boarding school in the UK can be a difficult decision. After all, your child will be leaving home sooner than you may have originally anticipated and then will be living in a foreign country thousands of kilometres away. However, the worth of boarding school outweighs any worries, as a private education in the UK can offer your child the best possible start, not only in their education but also their adult lives.



Live and learn with a teacher

This article introduces homestay English langauge courses - an increasingly popular type English course where students study,live, and socialise at their teacher's home.


The people that make a school work

Fantastic facilities, effective teaching methods, challenging curricula, and a wealth of culture are some of the key selling points of British independent schools and are one of the main driving forces in their continued growth in popularity around the world. However, it is important to note that the main reason why British independent schools have been able to provide an unrivalled standard of education is due to their faculty, leadership, and other members of staff that make the schools work.

Here are the main key roles:

The board of governors


New Headmaster of Eton; my old teacher

Eton recently appointed its new Headmaster; our advisor's old history teacher


School Uniform Advice

In the UK most schools have a strict uniform policy. This results in all students having suitable, high quality, and smart clothing and accessories. However, it can also cause problems for parents who have to purchase all the items of uniform. At LPO, we provide comprehensive support in helping ensure parents purchase the correct items of uniform for their child. However, if you are not already with us, please view this article to understand more about the how you can choose the correct uniform for your child to avoid any issues when they commence their studies.


Top UK 100 boarding schools by A-levels results

This article contains a list of the Top 100 Boarding Schools based on their A-level results. Academic excellence is generally regarded as the most important factor in choosing a school. Therefore, the schools contained in this table have been ranked based on the percentage of results that were either A* or A, the two highest possible results. Boarding schools in the UK provide a broad education that extends well beyond the classroom. Independence, empathy, a sense of community, and social skills are just some of the attributes that the teachers and staff help their students develop.