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The people that make a school work

Fantastic facilities, effective teaching methods, challenging curricula, and a wealth of culture are some of the key selling points of British independent schools and are one of the main driving forces in their continued growth in popularity around the world. However, it is important to note that the main reason why British independent schools have been able to provide an unrivalled standard of education is due to their faculty, leadership, and other members of staff that make the schools work.

Here are the main key roles:

The board of governors


School Uniform Advice

In the UK most schools have a strict uniform policy. This results in all students having suitable, high quality, and smart clothing and accessories. However, it can also cause problems for parents who have to purchase all the items of uniform. At LPO, we provide comprehensive support in helping ensure parents purchase the correct items of uniform for their child. However, if you are not already with us, please view this article to understand more about the how you can choose the correct uniform for your child to avoid any issues when they commence their studies.