Why some students don't respond well to the Chinese style of learning? | London Private Office
Students respond to different styles of learning. Whilst some students respond very well to the Chinese style of learning, ultimately in preparation for their Gaokao exams; it can be said that others would respond better to a British style of learning. But why is this?

Some people think that the Chinese is educational system is a great ‘one-size fits all’ approach, an education system where all children have the ingredients to thrive. However the flaws are related specifically to the fact that the system is designed with failure in mind. In order for some children to succeed; others must fail. And many children who stay up all night revising for exams just don’t have what it takes to score highly in exams.

This could be down to a number of reasons however what we know is that rote learning a syllabus does not bring the best out of many students; some children don’t benefit from being told to concentrate for long periods of time and then being shouted out by strict Chinese teachers when things go wrong.

Take Geography for example, in this subject Chinese students need to memorise vast amounts of data and then recite it in their exams whilst UK students are encouraged to learn about the different cultures and analyse the issues each country faces in a rational way. Similarly, in History, Chinese students need to memorise a lot whilst their British counterparts analyse historical events and comment on why certain things happened.

What do many Chinese children need? What the children often need is a more rounded education; they need an education where they are encouraged to be the child that they were always meant to be. They need an environment where they can allow their creativity to flourish and become excited by activities that outside the classroom.

If your child shows skill for art, music, debating, leadership or sport; this talent will be nurtured and developed by the school in a stress-free environment and in state of the art facilities.

In British boarding schools children are taught to be free-thinkers and allowed the perfect environment to get their creative juices flowing. They can excel in their exams in a stress-free environment where developing themselves as people is just as important as the results that they get in their exams. However one of the great things about British boarding schools is that they all have an excellent track record of getting their pupils into the best universities in the UK. The graduates from these schools are well-rounded and confident individuals with the world at their feet.

What is your child going to sacrifice in the next three years? Your child might spend the next three years languishing in their preparation for the GaoKao; a system of education that they were never supposed to be in. Or they could achieve their academic potential in an education system that encourages them to be the best person they can be: the British education system. Children who were never going to be the best in the Chinese education system have the perfect opportunity to be successful when they graduate from a British boarding school.

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