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Parkside Summer School


This non-residential summer school gives students the chance to immerse themselves in a fully English speaking environment. They will be joined by local English speaking children to enjoy activities such as football, art, tennis, drama, music, and cooking in a beautiful countryside setting. This summer school offers a unique opportunity for parents to visit England with their children and spend precious time with them in the evenings and at weekends. Parents will be required to pick their children up and drop them off at the summer school Monday to Friday. 


If you choose to stay in the hotel recommended by London Private Office you will be a short ten-minute drive from Parkside School, within walking distance of an adventure park and a forty minute train journey into central London. A perfect location to keep the whole family busy while enjoying your holiday.

While at Parkside, there is a choice of sports activities or a multi-activity programme and both will have ten hours of English tuition a week. The classes focus on grammar, vocabulary and conversational English. On the first day of class, the students will be assessed and split into groups defined by their ability so that every child can get the best tuition possible. 

Sports Experience and Multi Activity Programmes

Age: 6-13 years old

English Level: Suitable for all levels of English

Important Information

Multi Activity Programme

16th July - 27th July   

30th July - 10th August 

Sports Experience Programme

30th July - 10th August 


5400 RMB for 2 weeks

(includes all activities and lunch, excludes visa fees and accommodation) 

Programme Details


NB: Timetable subject to change 

Multi Activity Programme 

Activity examples: cooking, arts, and crafts, dance, drama, sports, adventure activities, swimming, and music.

Adventure activities:
Children will work together in teams to take part in adventure activity games specially developed to help improve inquisitive thinking and teamwork.  
Drama activities and games designed to be a fun way to improve self-confidence, communication skills and interaction with other children. 
Children will have the chance to spend time engaging in summer camp swimming lessons and fun water sports activities. 
Under the leadership of a cooking teacher, the children will be transformed into a "fantastic little chef" by learning simple cooking methods, making food and mastering a new life skill.
Sports Programme 

Daily sporting activities including tennis and football coaching. This includes a trip to visit Chelsea Football Club training ground.

(Children can opt to join in with other multi activities if they wish)

In a two-week course, each student will receive football lessons that include skills, tactics, physical fitness, and communication, regardless of their football skills. Children who join the football camp receive this unique approach to learning and all activities are conducted in a friendly and fun atmosphere.
Tennis originated in the United Kingdom and has a long history as an aristocratic sport. Children will follow in the footsteps of our local tennis coaches, receive professional introductory technical training and develop an interest in tennis.
Chelsea Football Club training ground tour:
Founded on March 14, 1905, Chelsea Football Club is a football club with a long history. Each participating student has the opportunity to experience Chelsea Football Club in the setting of the training ground.



For more information and to apply to this London Private Office Summer School at Parkside, please speak to one of our experienced education consultants by scanning the QR codes below, they are very happy to help. We look forward to welcoming you to England in Summer 2018.