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School Application Service

London Private Office uses its expert knowledge of the independent school sector to provide a bespoke application service to students. Meeting our students’ needs and ensuring that they are placed in the schools that are best suited to them is paramount to us. From nursery to sixth-form, all ages are covered with applications available to almost every independent school in the UK. 

Find the right school

With around 2,600 independent schools in the UK, choosing the correct entry point, type of school and course to study is a daunting task. Through consultations and assessments we gain a sound understanding of our students which enables us to choose the best schools and courses for them. Each school is unique and has its own philosophy, culture, traditions and specialities which require careful consideration when deciding which schools to apply too. A student might be a perfect match for one school, but would struggle and be unhappy at another - we aim to ensure every student is placed at the right school.

Make the best application

Through lessons, homework, reading lists and other tasks, we help students build up knowledge and hone their skills to improve their performance not only in the entrance assessments, but once they have commenced their studies in the UK. Competition for places at the top schools is intense and students have to excel in the entrance tests to have a chance of finding a place at schools such as Wycombe Abbey, Wellington College, or Charterhouse. Many students have the potential to succeed but require further guidance to ensure they are familiar with the content of the assessments and the style of questions that may be asked.

Make a sure start

After succeeding in an application, there are still many tasks that must to be completed before a student can commence studying - purchasing uniform, arranging, guardianship, visa, etc. In addition to the essential tasks, we provide students with resources to help them to prepare for their forthcoming studies. This ensures that students are prepared able to keep access the full content of the lessons immediately. We also keep in close communication with both students and parents during the first month after students have arrived and so any issues with the student settling-in at school can be resolved quickly.


The safety and well-being of students is our primary concern and this is ensured through our guardianship service. Our educational guardians secure student welfare while also playing a supportive role by drawing on their own skills and experience to guide students to achieve their potential. 

What does an LPO guardian do?

LPO guardians play a vital part in their students’ lives by performing essential tasks to support students and parents including the following:

  • Help during an emergency
  • Arrange transportation
  • Arrange accommodation
  • Visit students at school
  • Liaising between school and the parents
  • Assist students if they face difficulties
  • Provide or arrange academic support

These duties along with others are performed to ensure that a student is safe, happy, and performing well at school.

Why choose an LPO Guardian?

Professional Background

All LPO guardians have a professional background in medicine, law, finance, or education and many have been educated at Oxbridge.

Safe and Secure

With 24/7 availability to act in the event of an emergency, you can be sure there will always be someone to take care of your child.

Planning for the Future

Students receive expert guidance and support for the further development and academic progress from LPO guardians and its network of consultants.


There are times when students require additional academic support to achieve success. Through its network, London Private Office is able to find its students tuition ranging from single one-off sessions to intensive full-time revision sessions during school holidays. Tutors are carefully selected to best match a student's needs.

If you require tuition, contact us and an advisor will help you find the tuition you need. Available areas of study include:
















Single sessions

Daily sessions

Weekly sessions

Short intensive programmes

Easter revision programmes

Skype 1:1 sessions

London Private Office provides services which extend beyond the field of education. We provide our clients a broad array of services in the fields of immigration, hospitality, property, legal, and more. Our wide network of partners ensures that we are always capable of satisfying the needs of our clients.

Popular LPO services outside of education include:

  • Tier 1 visa application
  • Wealth management service
  • Chauffeuring service
  • Travel arrangements